Intimate Torment

Intimate Torment

Prowler RED Slim Fit Police Shirt Blue Xlarge

It’s a Police Shirt after all it may as well be blue.This shirt is made for the uniform fetishists amongst you the striking blue will send a message that you’re the authority around here.The fit of this shirt will stay tight to your chest and back and taper in at the sides so you don’t end up looking boxy or with too much leather hanging out of your jeans. The stitching is superb and the leather is soft soft soft.Leather shirts need to fit tightly on the body and so our sizes move up very incrementally if you are in any doubt call into store and we will get you fitted out.SizeXSSmallMediumLargeXLXXLChest CM9196101106111117Chest IN363840424446Waist CM737883889399Waist IN293133353739Bicep CM2627.52930.53233.5Bicep IN10.51111.51212.513


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