Intimate Torment

Intimate Torment

Lux Fetish Electro Sex Shock Wand With Remote Control

This premium set is designed to introduce you the titillating unique sensations of electrostimulation.This one-of-a-kind device features 10 speeds 3 unique patterns and is crafted from smooth sleek metal for a truly stimulating experience. The high-quality body-safe metal construction of the Shock Wand ensures a hygienic and gratifying experience while its sleek design allows for effortless targeting of your most sensitive areas. The easy-to-maneuver remote control provides added convenience and allows you to effortlessly switch between settings and intensities. Included in the set is a satin blindfold that will let your imagination run wild as you explore new sensations and desires. Perfect for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike the Electro-Sex Shock Wand with Remote Control is an essential addition to any collection.


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