Intimate Torment

Intimate Torment

Lux Fetish Adjustable Nipple Clips

Nipple clamps can be incorporated into different types of BSDM scenes and even other adult role-playing games. If you want to try it then this is the perfect nipple clamp for beginners. Experience the pleasures of sensation play” and enjoy the heightened sensation. Once you’re aroused you’ll enjoy the feeling of pain and pleasure all at once. Why does it feel so good even when it hurts? The reason is because when applied these nipple clips squeeze the sensitive skin of the nipple and that forces the blood out of that area. This makes you feel pain but also gives you pleasure at the same time. Get your pleasurable nerve endings working double time to create dual feelings that deliberately heightens our libido. These clips are adjustable very stylish and each clip has a skinny tip that delivers a précised and localized pressure that will ensure that you enjoy every moment that you’re wearing them.”


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